White Helmets participated in the Refugees and Migrants Panel

17 de September de 2016

The Argentine Ministry of Foreign Affairs, through the White Helmets Commission, took part on the morning of September 16th. in a press briefing on refugees and migrants convened by the UN Information Centre for Argentina and Uruguay.

This initiative, organized jointly with the International Organization for Migrations and the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, highlighted the details of the UN Summit on Migrants and Refugees, which would be held on September 19th. at the UN Headquarters in New York City.

The speakers panel was composed of the National Director for Migrations, Dr. Horacio García; the White Helmets Chairman and designated focal point of the “Mesa Siria”, Amb. Alejandro Daneri; the Representative for the National Commission for Refugees (CONARE), Att.at Law Soledad Figueroa; the Regional Director for South America of the International Organization for Migrations (OIM), Diego Beltrand and the UNHCR Southern Cone Representative, D. Michele Manca di Nissa.

The White Helmets Representative, in charge of the Commission that carries out the Argentine international humanitarian assistance, highlighted the fact that the Commission duties are discharged guided by the principle of non-indifference among States and by those of impartiality, neutrality, independence and humanitarianism. He pointed out that under those principles and the contents of the letters exchanged by the President of Argentina and the UN Secretary General, Argentina undertook a mission, headed by Foreign Affairs Minister Susana Malcorra, which contributed to the relief of Syrian refugees in the Lebanon. This multidisciplinary mission, in the field, encompassed the meeting of the so called “Mesa Siria”, charged with giving follow-up to the process of execution of the “Programa Siria”.

The meeting held in the UN Information Centre was organized in preparation of the UN Summit on Migrants and Refugees, to share information on the objectives of the Summit and the commitments made at a world level to analyze the greater movements of refugees and migrants, and with the aim of uniting all countries around a more humanitarian and coordinated approach.

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